Ylleah Eleven – Photoshoot

Our little girl will be turning  11 on June 4, 2015 , yet she doesn’t want to make any music video just like in previous years, she just want a photo shoot and a little video presentation for her up coming birthday  and these are some of the photos we had during our photo shoot last May 31, 2015 .

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Linggo ng Wika 2014

Ylleah was getting more and more excited as August 28, 2014 approaches.  It was because she was chosen to represent their class for the  LAKAMBINI 2014 of BECS and her teacher told her that she should be very pretty in a nice gown on that day.   But at 4AM on that day we found out that she was chilling with fever while asleep, the reason that we gave her immediately a medicine, yet she said she will not be joining the activity anymore.  Their parade will be at 7AM  that day and the program will follow immediately after which.

It was already 730AM that the fever was gone ,so she decided to go to school for attendance  and to explain to her teacher what had happened.  And maybe to show her gown too as it was already prepared for that activity.

When they arrived at school , it was already starting.  She’s been replaced by her classmate and they were already on stage.  Her teacher felt bad since Ylleah missed to join when in fact she got the best “Filipinana”  on that day.  Her classmates told Ylleah that it’s ok even though she missed to join, she still got the best gown in scholol.

But for Ylleah she was already happy at least she was not absent on that day and happy that she did not miss to wear what we had prepared for her.

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INC Centennial Celebration 1914-2014

These are some of the photos as we celebrated our centennial year 1914-2014.  These were the Centennial Thansgiving on July 12(PNK) and on 19-20, 2014. And also a Special Worship Service on July 27, 2014 via live streaming from the Philippine Arena.


PNK Centennial Thanksgiving , July 12, 2014

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Centennial Thanksgiving July 19-20, 2014

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Jean’s Photoshoot @ 32

Since I want to give something to my wife worth remembering for on her upcoming birthday this 20th of June 2014.  I told her that I’ll have her photo shoot and make an MTV  to her favorite song entitled “dahan-dahan” as my gift on her birthday.  She was so happy and excited about my idea until that very day , June 14 2014 .  We shot and taped at IBC area.

These are the photos during her photo shoot. You can also browse her music video on a link below:

Photos by: Josecho

Makeup : Jemuel Fabores

Location: IBC Area

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Jean @ 32

We had a little dinner with the family and of course with my wife’s BFFs ate Annabelle AsidoyRowena Romero Aguilar and gemma ingan last night June 20, 2014 as she celebrated her birthday .

Happy Birthday my beloved honey, Jean F Rosado. A good and loving wife and mother , she’s sweet and beautiful and because she’s celebrating her birthday , she deserves one of my extra treats , so let’s give a little time to watch her MTV single “Dahan-dahan” by Jojeans Digital on a link below.

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10th Birthday Treat – Eden Resort

It was a coincidence , we were planning to have an early 10th birthday treat for Ylleah and a late summer getaway when a close friend who is an owner of a world class resort in Cebu contacted me for a photoshoot of her resort , she will be using the high res. pics for her website. She gave me her quotation for the said photo shoot plus  free accommodation and foods for the 3 of us and so the deal was made,

These pictures  tell a thousand words and a wonderful moment we had . It was a 4-day getaway in a wonderful resort called “Eden” which starts on May 23 to 26,2014. We had lots of swimming from morning to night at the resort, tasted delicious international menus, we also tried kayaking which was really not easy to do for a 1st timer yet so fun.  On the last day when we were able to went for a whale shark watching – a very wonderful morning at 6:30 AM for us to see 8 whale sharks as we sailed in the ocean of Cebu…

On the 26th of May @ 4:00 pm we checked-out and dropped by to Dgte for her present which is Ken – a boy barbie from Barbie fashionista at Rob. It was almost 9:00 in the evening when we arrived Bayawan City …and even Ylleah also mentioned “there’s no place like home”. indeed we agreed…yet it was a very wonderful and unforgettable experience we had.

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For booking and reservation to this wonderful resort just click the link below:

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