Biggest Tilapia

If you are to visit #bayawan ,you should be vising our #watershed , #danapa an #ecotourism area, where you can witness large ponds, fog at early time of the day, vast land and mountains covered with thick trees, and we are glad since we were the one planting these trees10 years ago . They breed tipadia, hito, shrimps and lobsters ,etc here. You can also find here the biggest 7 year old #tilapias for breeding only, it weighed 3-4kilos , really huge!… We were able to touch it today during our #pig2017 as we endorse to their staff ,the first aid kit we prepared for them. – Josecho #health #workmode #cho #doh #december2017 #ipcr2017


Lakawon Island

#Summer is never too late as long as you spent it wisely, wonderfully with family in a one of a kind beach, no need to rush , all you need is to plan it well for it to be worthy enough to remember.  

It was indeed a summer getaway worth cherishing for and also a post birthday celebration of our #daughter, #ylleah as she turns 13 this month since she asked to have it, than the usual birthday party.  She will be having her photoshoot and music video taping in the island.

We traveled many miles away via hired van together with some close friends who joined our #tour and crossed the ocean inorder to reach the very famous and today’s #tourists #attraction , the  #Lakawon #Island found in #Cadiz city. 

We depart from Bayawan at around 4am on 10th of June 2017 and arrived their at around 11am with stopover at #bacolod for #breakfast.

The island was over crowded when we arrived on Saturday since it was a long weekend (Monday June 12 will be the celwbrationof our #independence day holiday in the #Philippines). Yet most of them were day tour only, unlike us who will be staying there for 2 days and a night. The crowded beach turned its silence at 5pm since only few stayed for overnight.

Lakawon is also the home of the famous biggest #floatingbar in #asia called #Tawhai floating bar , a local dialect which means relax. So we spent our time there in later part of the afternoon witnessing sunset until the sky fully turned dark blue at night.  It was indeed a very relaxing place to stay.

So these were the selected photos during our #family #getaway2017.

“summer never ends…”

#june2017 #lakawonisland #tawhaifloatingbar #occidental 


A moment in Antulang

We woke up 5:00 in the morning for our travel going to Antulang. It was our first time to travel using our Scooter together for a bit far destination on that Monday, 24th of October 2016.

At 6 in the morning we arrived at Siaton.  We made some stopped over for a breakfast at Bernies .  Sadly no other meals available but only sunny side-up egg and tortang talong (eggplant). So that’s the choice we had. We also had a sip of coffee and choco for Ylleah.

We rested for awhile in their native restaurant , took some photos then paid our bill. I just can’t imagine that its worth 230 box for that breakfast only, yeah a little bit expensive for that certain meal.

We continue our road-trip at around 6:30 in the morning. We also took some pictures for some nice scenery we passed by on that day.


The road after Siaton was very hard that time since it was under construction , we have to use one lane ,  had to stop some time and let the other vehicle pass first. It’s a traffic delaying  our trip .

Antulang is also a little bit far from the national highway of Zamboanguita , you have to turn right and it’s about 20kms from the highway.  We safety arrived at their area at around 8:00 in the morning.

It’s a safe resort, the main gate is close and the guard will just assist you as you arrived , bring you to the receiving area for registration. Their Receiving area is really nice , it’s  overlooking the ocean.  The receptionist is friendly , she’s speaking tagalog but later when she knew we’re from Bayawan. She happily informed us that she’s from San Roque too (one of the barangays in Bayawan). And we’re happy to know that.

After the registration you will be introduced by another staff you will assist going to the restaurant and the pool.

The staff were friendly especially the ones in the restaurant who even adviced us what’s the best in their menu. 

The three of us enjoyed our stay in the resort,  we  had lots of photos from every angle of it while also enjoyed their pools since there were only few guests at that day. 

Ylleah Eleven – Photoshoot

Our little girl will be turning  11 on June 4, 2015 , yet she doesn’t want to make any music video just like in previous years, she just want a photo shoot and a little video presentation for her up coming birthday  and these are some of the photos we had during our photo shoot last May 31, 2015 .

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Linggo ng Wika 2014

Ylleah was getting more and more excited as August 28, 2014 approaches.  It was because she was chosen to represent their class for the  LAKAMBINI 2014 of BECS and her teacher told her that she should be very pretty in a nice gown on that day.   But at 4AM on that day we found out that she was chilling with fever while asleep, the reason that we gave her immediately a medicine, yet she said she will not be joining the activity anymore.  Their parade will be at 7AM  that day and the program will follow immediately after which.

It was already 730AM that the fever was gone ,so she decided to go to school for attendance  and to explain to her teacher what had happened.  And maybe to show her gown too as it was already prepared for that activity.

When they arrived at school , it was already starting.  She’s been replaced by her classmate and they were already on stage.  Her teacher felt bad since Ylleah missed to join when in fact she got the best “Filipinana”  on that day.  Her classmates told Ylleah that it’s ok even though she missed to join, she still got the best gown in scholol.

But for Ylleah she was already happy at least she was not absent on that day and happy that she did not miss to wear what we had prepared for her.

DSC_1199 DSC_1200 DSC_1202 DSC_1204 DSC_1205 DSC_1209

INC Centennial Celebration 1914-2014

These are some of the photos as we celebrated our centennial year 1914-2014.  These were the Centennial Thansgiving on July 12(PNK) and on 19-20, 2014. And also a Special Worship Service on July 27, 2014 via live streaming from the Philippine Arena.


PNK Centennial Thanksgiving , July 12, 2014

PNK 100 years pasalamat 071214 (8) PNK 100 years pasalamat 071214 (31) PNK 100 years pasalamat 071214 (32) PNK 100 years pasalamat 071214 (33) PNK 100 years pasalamat 071214 (35) PNK 100 years pasalamat 071214 (37) PNK 100 years pasalamat 071214 (38) PNK 100 years pasalamat 071214 (42) PNK 100 years pasalamat 071214 (44) PNK 100 years pasalamat 071214 (46)


Centennial Thanksgiving July 19-20, 2014

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Jean’s Photoshoot @ 32

Since I want to give something to my wife worth remembering for on her upcoming birthday this 20th of June 2014.  I told her that I’ll have her photo shoot and make an MTV  to her favorite song entitled “dahan-dahan” as my gift on her birthday.  She was so happy and excited about my idea until that very day , June 14 2014 .  We shot and taped at IBC area.

These are the photos during her photo shoot. You can also browse her music video on a link below:

Photos by: Josecho

Makeup : Jemuel Fabores

Location: IBC Area

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